Development Program

The program will be adapted to your company needs.

✓Understand how the learning process works

✓Introduction to the Learning Rocket Model

✓Define what are the behaviours and skills of an awesome learner

✓Understand your real learning needs & learn how to set learning goals accordingly

✓Understand the role of deliberate practice in the acquisition of experience & in achieving mastery

✓Learn how to design powerful practice sessions

✓Understand the value of deconstruction & reflecting in self-designed learning contexts

✓Learn about the four categories of learning methods

✓Map your personal learning environment

✓Improve your learning efficiency by challenging yourself with new or updated learning methods & tools

✓Understand how willlpower works

✓Learn how to cultivate a new habit or change an old one and start working on it right away

✓Explore tools for productivity boost

✓Create a customised learning strategy for the objective in focus

✓Understand the power of  peer learning in maintaining the rhythm, improving the learning process and adding even more fun to it

✓Become a good peer by improving facilitation skills

✓Find a peer among the other participants

✓Celebrate success and individual growth

✓Debug on the process so far, reflect and share insights

✓Extract personal learning principles

✓Plan the next steps to become a better version of yourself