So you want to use the Learning Cards Tool?

To preserve nature we decided to let you decide how many Game boards you need, depending on the number of players you are. You can also skip printing the Game boards and just use some simple paper to write your Learning Objectives on. Have fun!

Download the Instructions


For a more impactful experience, also try these debriefing questions:

  • How many new methods did you use, why? Did you play it safe, go wild…?
  • Can you see any patterns in your strategy – do you seem to prefer a certain spectrum of methods? In what measure would you say it is because your objective or something else?
  • Which was the main criteria you used in order to select the final 5 learning methods?
  • Which 2 other methods from the other players would you have liked to use? Why?
  • Which 2 other methods from the other players you would never use? Why?
  • What is the next step for you, now that you have created a strategy for you objective?
  • Which of your peers could help you stick to your strategy?
  • On what other objective you could use the same strategy?
  • Which method is easiest to use and which is the hardest? Why?
  • If you were to challenge yourself more, which method would you have chosen?